Pattern - Bague Serpent Bohème

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Schéma Peyote circulaire bague miyuki delicas

Circular Peyote patterns for miyuki delicas ring 

Hauteur - Height :  3.7 cm


The document is in French and English. It includes:

  • List and references of the material used.
  • Weaving grids
  • Word Chart for each template
  • Explanations necessary for the creation of the jewel

The basic weaving is done with miyuki delicas 11/0 beads

You can sell the items made with my drawings by citing KETIKOPARIS as creator of the model. Sale of this drawing is prohibited.

File in PDF format. You can download it as soon as payment has been made. You will also receive an email with the link.

The rings are woven in peyote stitch. The ring is woven circularly then the rest of the ring is woven linearly for pointed models.

Most of them can also be woven in brick stitch.

Customer Reviews

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My first Pattern from KetikoParis

This was my first Pattern from KetikoParis. And it was soooooooo good!!! Very clear and many instructions. If you are new to making Circular Peyote rings, this sure is a super fun Pattern to follow. It's easy, not too many color changes throughout the ring, and a stunning eye-catching piece to wear. It is recommended to have done some circular Peyote before, like a Rivoli Bezel. Because the Pattern does not teach you how to do it, it just gives directions on how to add the Firepolish bead in your Beadwork, and it has all kinds of charts to follow. (Including a Wordchart cut up into pieces and a very clear Beadgraph). Not familiar with Decreasing to a point, in flat Peyote? No worries!!! KetikoParis has you covered, with a clear explanation on how to decrease (and even, not needed for this Pattern, increase). I as so blown away by this Pattern, that I have bought 7 more Ring Patterns from here (in a few days time 😋). To sum it up: If you are pretty new to Circular Peyote (but have done a Beaded Bezel once or twice) and want a stunning eye-catching piece of jewelry... This is a great Pattern to start with! Experienced Beaders will also have soooooo much fun with this Pattern. As it is clear in explanation, Charts to follow, and easy to bead in just one sitting. Two thumbs up! 👍👍

Thanks Hetty to take so much time to write this kind review. I really appreciate it ! and thanks for your nice picture too

Perfectly to your taste