Smart Clasps for your Bracelets

To make your own bracelets with Ultra Lightweight Interchangeable Magnetic Clasp, it's very simple, just buy end caps and a clasp, or mix our bracelets with end caps.

You slip a tip at each end of your bracelets, and then just slide the end caps into the clasp.


Clasps are available in
• 3 sizes, 11, 22 and 45 mm (ie 0.42 - 0.85 and 1.75 inches)
• 3 finishes : 
 6 colors : black, white, blue, pink, green and yellow
 Precious metal finish : Yellow Gold 24 Carats, rose gold or platinium

The end caps are sold separately. You must choose the size corresponding to your creation : The end caps are 10, 20 or 40 mm and can be combined in a clasp.

A 22 mm clasp can hold (0.85 inche)

    • a 20-end caps (0.78 inche)
    • two 10-mm end caps.(0.39 inche)

A 45 mm clasp can hold

    • two end caps of 20, 
    • 4 end caps of 10, 
    • two end caps of 10 and one of 20
    • and finally a end caps of 40 mm

Then, the bracelets slip and withdraw from the interchangeable clasps very easily. Just close the clasp on your wrist to block the bracelets that do not move.


To buy the clasps and end caps It's here