About us

Passion for creation, color and detail

Ketikoparis offers unique fashion jewelry, full of life that play with colors and light

  • Very current, elegant, bohemian, chic, ethnic depending on the day
  • Very practical: light but with hold, very comfortable to wear

Originally, I was looking for big, colorful jewelry that I couldn't find. So I started doing them 20 years ago. I accidentally walked into a store that sold pearls and rhinestones in jars, and felt like I was entering Ali Baba's cave. It was a revelation. I started designing for myself and wearing my jewelry .... then quickly also for other women.

I create according to my inspiration of the moment. Mentally imagine the rendering, then create it and still look forward to the result, as I'm curious to see if it matches what I imagined.

The universe of Ketikoparis is rich in cultural mixtures. Ethnic inspiration and at the same time bohemian. My inspirations come from hot and colorful countries: Africa, America, India, Tropics

KETIKOPARIS was born from all these mixtures: the name evokes at the same time here and elsewhere. The name KETIKO evokes the East and Paris the West and the capital of fashion. Ketiko's K is represented by an Eiffel Tower, a jewel made up of pieces of my creations.

In 2020, following your requests, I also decided to market my patterns. I have very pleasant returns and exchanges with other beaders! Another new world for me.

You can follow my news on

  • instagram: ketikoparis_creations
  • pinterest: ketikoparis
  • facebook: Ketiko Paris @ bijouxdeCecileKetikoparis

In summer I take advantage of nature and the sun as soon as possible ... to bring life to my jewelry