Welcome to the world of KETIKOPARIS

Site language

You can change the site language at the bottom of each page. Almost everything is translated into English. The menus, registration and payment pages are also translated into Spanish and Italian.

Patterns and jewelry

I make models and I sell the diagrams of my models and the jewelry
I make the jewelry to order to your dimensions and I also sell some models already made.
All diagrams are on a white flowery background. The jewels are on a colored background yellow or dark brown to avoid mistakes

For the diagrams I put the main dimensions online and I offer a measurement adaptation service, in particular for circular weaves (bracelets, rings). You just have to send me a message. You can ask me for several dimensions for the same model.
If you have a question, do not hesitate to send me an email via the contact form on each product sheet in the product description tabs or directly on my email.


My models are generally woven in peyote but can often also be made in brick Stitch.
The different methods of weaving bracelets are presented in an article on my blog - read: Which version to choose for your bracelet
There are also articles to help you on bangles if you are not familiar with this technique


You have drop-down menus that allow you to easily sort the most likely items of interest to you. Feel free to use them.

There are also quite a few headings directly on the homepage.