DIY Pattern - Bague Morelia losange

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Diagram and explanations for making a miyuki delicas 11/0 pearl ring, woven in peyote pair or brick stitch.

Download a PDF file after payment. Explanations in English and in french

The document includes:

  • List and references of the beads used.
  • Weaving grids with colors and letters
  • Lettered charter (word chart) for each model
  • Explanations necessary for the realization of the jewel

Size of the ring

  • Height on the front: 3.5 cm
  • Ring height: 0.8 cm
  • The basic document includes several sizes for the finger circumference

You can sell items made with my patterns by citing KETIKOPARIS as the creator of the pattern. The sale of this pattern is prohibited.

The document is in French and English. It includes:

  • List and references of the material used.
  • Weaving grids
  • Word Chart for each template
  • Explanations necessary for the creation of the jewel

The basic weaving is done with miyuki delicas 11/0 beads

You can sell the items made with my drawings by citing KETIKOPARIS as creator of the model. Sale of this drawing is prohibited.

File in PDF format. You can download it as soon as payment has been made. You will also receive an email with the link.

The rings are woven in peyote stitch. The ring is woven circularly then the rest of the ring is woven linearly for pointed models.

Most of them can also be woven in brick stitch.

Customer Reviews

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Simple, yet striking!

I had sooooooo much fun with this Pattern.
I did get a bit lost, but that was just me... because I'm not familiar with adding a Firepolish bead to a Circular Peyote piece.
But, once it clicked, the second side was a piece of cake.

This ring is simple, yet striking to see.
It's a very easy Pattern to follow, because of the few bead colors used (just 3 in total).
Yet, I see so much versatility, for using bead colors and combinations.
I think... the only boundaries this ring has... is your own color matching imagination.
Because of the 3 colors (4 if you count the Firepolish as 1) used, it can be a very nice and easy Pattern, for people that find it hard to match multiple colors together (people like: Me! :D ).

I will be making more of these rings, with this Pattern, as I get more beads (more colors and color types) delivered this weekend.

I highly recommend this Pattern! 👍👍

Thanks Hetty to take so much time to write this kind and detailed review. I really appreciate it ! and thanks for your beaufiful picture too. I really like it !

Joli modèle à suivre

J'ai essayé le brick stitch pour la première fois, mais la solidité des perles peut le rendre moins adapté à une bague.

Perfectly to your taste