How to combine the pendants

With my little pendants, you can decline in several ways:




You can

  • associate them on a chain to make a long necklace

  • wear them in simple earrings 

  • combine 2 of them to make longer compound curls.








It's very simple. All you need is a small ring.
Using the 2 pliers, open the ring.
Then we pass it through the miyuki bead at the top of the pendant
Pass at the same time through the ring and in one end of the chain
You can also pass in an ear hookor an ear hook.

chaine pendentif miyuki patternchaine piyuki pendentif pattern 


You can also link 2 pendants with the same principle

tuto pendentif miyuki pattern tuto pendentif miyuki



tuto pendentif miyuki ketikoparis

or attach it to a bead in the middle of the pendant to simply make it protrude below.