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Tissage - weaving

Bracelet Bangle ou avec fermoir. Tissage Peyote pair.  

Bangle bracelet or with clasp. Even count Peyote Stitch.  

Largeur - width : 1,2 cm

For english see below. 

Le document est en français et en anglais. Il comprend :

  • Liste et références du matériel utilisé. 
  • Grilles de tissage en couleur avec et sans lettres : Tissage peyote circulaire et longitudinal avec plusieurs dimensions :
    • Tailles fournies

    • Si vous souhaitez davantage d'explications sur les différentes versions proposées, consultez le guide 
  • Word Chart pour chaque modèle
  • Des explications pour la réalisation du bracelet

Le tissage se fait avec des perles miyuki délicas 11/0 

Vous pouvez vendre les bijoux réalisés avec mes schémas en citant KETIKOPARIS comme créateur du modèle. La vente de ce schéma est interdite. 

Fichier sous format PDF. Vous pourrez le télécharger dès le paiement effectué. Vous recevrez aussi un mail avec le lien. 


The document is in French and in English. It contains :

  • List and references of the mareraial used
  • Color weaving grids with and without letters : Circular and longitudinal peyote weaving with several dimensions.
    • 198 beads to 196 beads

    • If you want more explanations on the different versions offered, consult the guide
  • Word chart
  • Explanations for the realization of the bracelet

The weaving is done with miyuki delicate beads 11/0

You can sell the jewelry made with my drawings by citing KETIKOPARIS as creator of the model. Sale of this drawing is prohibited.

File in PDF format. You can download it as soon as the payment is made. You will also receive an email with the link

The document is in French and English. It includes:

  • List and references of the material used.
  • Weaving grids
  • Word Chart for each template
  • Explanations necessary for the creation of the jewel

The basic weaving is done with miyuki delicas 11/0 beads

You can sell the jewelry made with my drawings by citing KETIKOPARIS as creator of the model. Sale of this drawing is prohibited.

File in PDF format. You can download it as soon as payment has been made. You will also receive an email with the link.

If the size is not right, I can provide you with another size after purchase if needed.

The number of beads indicated represents the number of beads of row 1 & 2 (beads threaded to start weaving)

Bracelets with clasp:

The size provided is 120 beads, or 16 cm. You can easily add or remove beads on the pattern with clasp

Bangle bracelets - circular weaving

  • XS: 136 beads - 17.7 cm - 7 inches
  • S: 144 beads - 18.7 cm - 7.4 inches
  • M: 152 beads - 19.8 cm - 7.8 inches
  • L: 160 beads - 20.8 cm - 8.2 inches
  • XL: 168 beads - 21.8 cm - 8.6 inches
  • XXL: 176 beads - 22.8 cm - 9 inches

If you weave more loosely, it can add 0.5 cm on the length

To measure the right size for you, measure at the widest point of your wrist. Do it just to measure.

Almost all of my models are woven horizontally.

They can be worn

  • with a clasp, if you choose linear weaving
  • Bangle, ie without clasp. The weaving is then circular

The basic kit: bangle and horizontal weaving includes the linear model and a bangle size M and sometimes L. The other sizes are provided on request if they are not yet online.

The weaving is made in peyote, but it can also be woven in brick stitch for most models.

Depending on the model, I can also offer the regular peyote weaving that I call vertical peyote to distinguish it clearly, and also a loom version.

For the last 2 versions I try to stay as close as possible to the original, but there are bound to be differences since the beads are not symmetrical.

To find out more you can read the  weaving guide


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