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Longueur du collier 35 cm . Il est terminé par une chaînette en laiton argenté pour pouvoir régler la longueur jusqu'à 40 cm, suivant qu'on souhaite le porter serré ou plus lâche. 

 Pendentif :

  • Longueur : 15 cm
  • Largeur : 4 cm

Necklace length 35 cm. It is finished with a silver brass chain to be able to adjust the length up to 40 cm, depending on whether you want to wear it tight or looser.

Pendant : 

  • Length : 15cm
  • Width : 4 cm



    These necklaces and pendants are needle woven, real lace work. They are very light

    The pendants can also be spindle mounted on request.

    If you want other finishes, a different size, or simply ask a question, complete the contact form below before or after ordering. Any promotions do not apply to orders which will be invoiced at the initial price


    ▶ glass beads:

    Glass is made of three natural raw materials. It is inert and therefore harmless to the environment and cannot harm human health.

    • The jewelry is mainly made with miyuki beads: they are tiny glass beads, 1mm, very high quality, laser cut. The visual impression of the creation is often perceived as that of a shimmering fabric and the pearls give iridescent reflections that play with the light.

    Depending on the model, other pearls are also used

    • Bohemian faceted beads : cut glass beads from the Czech Republic. The 1950s in France saw the vogue for colored Bohemian pearls, marking a return to geometry and clarity, putting cut glass back in the spotlight.
    • Seed beads
    • Fancy beads
    • Rhinestones

    Perfectly to your taste