This bracelet is mounted with interchangeable magnetic clasp end caps which can be removed completely and can be used on another bracelet with end cap. You can also change the clasps to vary the colors and combine several bracelets in the same clasp.

The clasp can be purchased separately

How the clasp works.

Clasps are available in:

  • 3 sizes
    • 10 mm
    • 20 mm
    • 40 mm
  • 4 versions:
    • 24 karat gold
    • Rose gold
    • Platinum
    • Black

You can mix clasps and bracelets.

This bracelet can also be made with other finishes. To see all the available finishes, read the article on the blog: Available finishes

If you want other finishes, a different size, or simply ask a question, complete the contact form below before or after ordering. Any promotions do not apply to orders which will be invoiced at the initial price