Why weave horizontally

I started weaving horizontally to make Bangle bracelets, then I continued even when I put clasps.

Why ?

I find that this mode of weaving has significantly more hold. They stand on their own when closed, while the classic weaving gives a soft bracelet.

We do not see the wires on the edge. This gives a much sharper finish.

We can play with the edges to imagine different finishes that give a plus to the bracelet.

The only drawback is the slightly long rows for the first rows. But you get used to it quickly ! See my post for easy first rows

You can also use quick start cards. Personally I have never done it, but some find it very practical.

I therefore offer all my models in this weaving. I always make a horizontal linear model and a Bangle (circular) model. If necessary I adapt the dimensions of my diagrams to your measurements. Just ask me at the time of purchase or after.

Do not hesitate to share your experience.

Good weaving!