Which version to choose for your bracelets

If you do not know which version to choose for my bracelets, I have prepared this little guide for you to explain the differences between my different propositions

If you take the wrong versions, no problem ! Just send me an email and I will send you the model you need.
If you flash on a model that isn't there, don't hesitate to ask me to do it for you ! To fully understand the different versions that I offer, do not hesitate to read the guide that I have prepared for you on my blog

Bangle version

Bangle version

 If you want to make a circular bracelet, you have to choose a bangle. I offer in the basic model 152 or 156 pearls depending on the model. I put the other models online, specifying the number of beads next to the term bangle. If there is not your dimension, specify it in comment on the order or ask me by email or by the contact form. I'll do it for you.


Peyote Horizontal Version

To make a bracelet with clasp, I propose a horizontal model. It is a weaving lengthwise.

It is exactly the same as circular weaving at the design level, with an appropriate number of pearls. If you are not sure about the length, make it a little shorter. It is easy to add rows next to the edge, but not possible to remove. The only drawback is the large number of pearls for the first rows which some of you do not like.

Some of you also weave them in brick stitch, which is a way to have short rows with the same rendering


Peyote Vertical Version

So I have sometimes prepared vertical or classic peyote versions for you. It is the usual weaving in the width direction, the most frequently proposed.

This will keep the spirit of the bracelet suitable for shorter lengths. The edges are straight and there is a little less fancy.


LOOM Version 

Finally, I sometimes make versions for loom.

 For the last 2 versions I try to stay as close as possible to the original, but there are bound to be differences.