The bracelets slip on and off from the interchangeable clasps very easily.


  • Clasp without Nickel, Cadmium or Lead.
  • Polyester and ABS / PC clasp, light and resistant, with a black finish or precious metals: 24 karat gold, rose gold or platine.
  • The lightness ensures that the bracelet does not turn due to the weight of the metal.
  • This product is the result of hard work. Entirely designed and made in France, this Interchangeable Clasp will allow you to slip on and remove all the bracelets that make you crack. The magnet is aesthetically camouflaged inside the Clasp.

Once you have the clasps, all you have to do is mix your bracelets. Make way for your creativity.

If you want to make your bracelet yourself, don't forget to also buy the end caps, essential to use the clasp. They are provided on the bracelets I make.

Advice on keeping your clasp in good condition:

Avoid putting it under water for oxidation reasons

Clean your clasp with a simple cotton ball, having previously blown off the dust to prevent it from scratching the coating. Do not put chemicals on the clasps. Soapy water can be used in the event of heavy soiling.