Ideal for DIY specialists who want to make their own creations and use interchangeable magnetic clasps.

  • For 11 mm clasps, choose 10 mm end caps
  • For 22mm clasps, you can use 20mm end cap or 2 x 10 end caps
  • For 45 mm clasps, you can mix
    • 4 of 10 mm,
    • 2 of 10 mm and one of 20 mm
    • 2 of 20 mm
    • 1 of 40 mm

These end caps adapt to all kinds of materials: Leather, Ribbons, Cords, Nylon threads, Miyuki beads, pearl weaving, etc.). (max recommended material thickness = 2 mm)

Depending on the thickness of the link to be inserted into the end piece, it may be necessary to slightly separate the walls using a knife, for example. Then you can tighten them using pliers and this way the tips will be securely attached to your bracelets.

For cords, ribbons, etc. to be threaded into the end piece, it may be interesting to provide a knot that you slip into the end piece. The knot will prevent the bracelet from falling out of the mouthpiece.

Thanks to these end caps you can take advantage of our interchangeable clasps and change clasps whenever you want.

Moreover, if you are a fan of Multirang creations, you can mix your links and thus obtain original and unique creations.

If one of your links is damaged, you can change it without having to redo all your Multi-Row jewelry…