How to know which size to make for a bangle

The bangle is a circular woven bracelet that does not have a clasp.

You want to make a bangle but you have never done one ? You are wondering how to define your height... Here is a little guide to help you.

Here are the measurements you will get. I put a range because it depends on your weaving method (tight or not)


To get an idea of the size of your circular bracelet before you begin, measure at the widest point of your wrist. Do it just to fit exactly.

It is better if it is a little difficult to put on.


I advise you to do a test with 4 or 5 rows for check before you begin on a complicated pattern !

If you buy one of my designs and the measurement you chose does not fit you or you want a different one, ask me and I will send you the measurement you want. The ideal is to send me the request on the download link email so that I am sure of the model!

Good weaving