How to do a bangle

We must first determine the size of the bangle. If you don't know your size read the article .
Here's a simple explanation:

  1. Make a loop with the beads of rows 1 & amp; 2 (even number)
  2. Classically make a second row by finishing by going back to the first bead added to this row. Leave at least 1 cm of "loose" because the weaving will tighten during the row.
  3. For all subsequent rows, to finish the row, insert the last bead, going through the first bead of the previous row (light green), then through the first bead of the current row (blue). We then continue conventionally. Be careful with row 4 because if you have tightened the first 3 too tightly, the weaving turns. You must therefore be careful to go back through the beads of row 3 and not those of row 1. Check that there is no twist in the weaving before looping row 4.

Same process in double or triple peyote taking the pearls 2 by 2 or 3 by 3.

To give it a try, if your size is 152 beads, you must thread the 152 beads corresponding to rows 1 and 2.

If you have never woven in a circular pattern, I advise you to try on shorter rows such as 50 beads (size of a ring). it goes faster to start again when you do it wrong, until you get it !

For example, try a white and a black pearl. Having the first row in a different color makes row 4 much easier to achieve. If necessary, you can even remove the first row at the end if you do not want to keep it.

Here is a short video made by pearls and Co which shows this :