Finishing the weaves in miyuki delicas 11/0 for the HIILOS end caps

The principle of Hiilos interchangeable clasps is simple. A end cap is attached to the bracelet which allows it to then be slid into the clasps.

How to best finish your straps for use with these end caps:

  • Plan to weave a length of 1 cm less than your wrist circumference. (you will then calibrate with your own measurements depending on how you like to wear the bracelets)
  • Then the finish that I propose to you is different depending on whether you are doing vertical or horizontal weaving

In any case, if necessary, you can widen the slit of the tip with the tip of a knife, but personally I almost never do it


Weaving peyote horizontal (or brick stitch)

It's the easiest for these clasps because it's what slides the best.

I advise you in any case to finish each side with at least one row of brick stitch, which avoids any accident on the weaving itself during assembly.

Here is the number of beads that the last row must have to fit perfectly into the tip:

  • 10 mm tip: 5 beads
  • 20 mm tip: 11 beads
  • 40 mm tip: 22 beads

If the bracelet is wider, I reduce the number of beads on a few rows so that the last row is the desired width. Personally, I think it's prettier when the bracelet is a little wider and the clasp.

Bracelet wider than clasp

If the bracelet is really wider than the clasp, I make 3 rows with this dimension at the end or I gradually decrease over several rows to reach 22 beads on the last row (It is imperative to make several rows because otherwise the clasp will be hampered by the rows above.)

In this example, a bracelet of 55 mm at the start which can be put on a 45 mm clasp

Vertical peyoteweaving (traditional weaving)

Here is the number of beads that the last row must have to fit perfectly into the tip:

  • 10 mm tip: 7 beads
  • 20 mm tip: 13 beads
  • 40 mm tips: 29 beads

Since the pearls straddle 2 rows, it is more difficult. Also I cheat for the last row to have a straight row!

  1. Weave a last row by making a loop above the beads of the previous row. Make a loop on the first bead
  2. thread the beads 2 by 2 and go through the second to continue. Go through the beads twice to consolidate well


If the strap is wider than the tip

do not exceed the dimensions above and center the last row in the middle of the bracelet (make at least 2 or 3 rows so that the clasp is not hindered by the bracelet to slide properly). Again, you can use 2 different methods


Once your last rank is complete

  1. Slide the tip over this row of beads
  2. Close the flip
  3. Slide the clasp over the end cap. You can now change the clasp at will.
  4. To see the different clasps and end caps available see this link