How to easily make the first rows of a peyote weaving

The only difficulty of the bangle or horizontal weaving lies in the realization of the first rows, more tedious than with a weaving of a few beads.

Method 1:

You can make the third row straight (not circular)

  • you must read the chart of the 3rd row upside down (i.e. start with the last bead of the line and not the first)
  • identify where the first bead of the row is to be able to continue in the right direction
  • Close the circle and start again on the continuation of the bangle

it turns much less because the tension is more regular.

Method 2:

There is an easy method ... from the second!

Just start by continuing a first bracelet. Make the first row with a different thread that will be removed later. Let the thread protrude, blocking it with one or two beads, then weave a few rows of your new bracelet. Advantages :

  • Be sure of the number of pearls which is not always so obvious with 150 pearls or more
  • Avoid the first rows that turn which makes mistakes.

If you weave with the chart, separate rows 1 and 2.

For this, it is necessary to take a pearl out of 2 starting with the second. Here is an example :




After 6 to 7 rows (or even later) you can separate your bracelets. Cut the thread that you let go and separate quietly ! You can then continue classically.

You can do the same with a horizontal bracelet.